Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Retail Park shopping

Recently I decided that I couldn't be bothered with the mayhem that is town so I decided to go to a retail park we have near to us.

There are a range of shops there T K Maxx, Matalan, Home Bargains that sort of thing including a few more random shops such as Halfords.

I knew I wanted to try and find some new boots as I have recently worn my old ones to death and decided getting wet feet on my walk into work was no longer acceptable! I was also on the hunt for something I could wear to my friends wedding which is happening in May.

My first stop was Matalan to look for some new boots for work. I happened upon a size 5 pair of boots, now normally I'm a size 6 but decided to try them on anyway! Amazingly they fit! So they were practically bought already! For only £20 it was a steal as well.

Next I piped over to T K Maxx, I do love a good mooch about the place for a good bargain! They always have loads of beauty products such as hair and body wash from great brands. Today I was on the hunt for dresses. I searched through lots of dresses and even took an armful to try on, however only two suited me and I felt comfortable in.

Just a quick changing room selfie with my socks on! haha

This is a possible dress to wear to my friends wedding, I'm thinking of wearing it if the weather isn't too great! However as it is a May wedding there is a high chance that it will (fingers crossed) be sunny! So I have another outfit lined up. Keep your eyes peeled as I will be showing both off complete with accessories in a later post once both outfits are sorted. 

This shows that retail park can give you some great fashion items at low prices!