Friday, 3 January 2014

New Year Sales Haul

Hope you all had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year. I enjoyed spending time with my family at both big days.

But more importantly have you visited the sales yet? Online or in the shops I love to go and try and find a bargain!  I must warn you this is a very picture heavy post, but everyone loves photos!

This year I have decided to try and get a bit more organised, this meant keeping an eye out for anything which would make for great presents for people. I managed to pick up a few things that I have put away in a present box ready.

This lovely Sanctuary bag was down to £9 from £18! 

It was packed full of things!
One of the gifts I picked up was a lovely Sanctuary bag which cost £9 as it was half price in Boots. I really love this and would like to actually keep it myself. There is also a similar kit that is slightly cheaper and still available online.

Ted Baker, down to £5

The second thing I picked up in Boots was this lovely Ted Baker box, as it was reduced to £5 I thought this would be nice to put with something else for someone's birthday. The box is also lovely so it can be kept by its new owner to store other lovely things.

Next I went to Sainsburys, the top box was £1.50 and the bottom was £3.40 both reduced in the sale. Again the top one is something that would be nice to put with a piece of jewellery. The second is slightly larger and would be great by itself or with something small again. The second makes me think of Soap and Glory as well.

Next I went to Lush and got some Candy Cane Mountains and a Cinders bath bombs. I thought I would give these as presents as well, but then I noticed their best before date....oh well guess I'll have to use them...what a shame! 

I went into The Body Shop knowing they often have good sales on everything. I found the above perfume, Love Etc., at only £5 so grabbed one of those. When I went to the till my Body Shop Card had expired and for an extra £4.50 (you get 10% off) I got this warming mineral mask (worth £10) for free! So I jumped at that! 

 While I was in Boots picking up the above for presents I also grabbed a more on trend lipstick in a deep purple. This one is from Seventeen in Rule Breaker. I also spotted this foundation discounted down to only £2, again by Seventeen in the Photo Flawless range.

I also popped into Primark. I looked at their sale items and I didn't find anything that really rocked my boat. But I did find this lovely shirt in a deep red and a cream coloured jumper which I have been wearing together. I also picked up this little skater skirt which is purple and black striped. I also bought a gold chain necklace. I was super unsure whether or not this would suit me. Some people pull off the gold-chain-under-a-shirt look so well. So I decided to go for it and I'm glad I did! Maybe I will do some sort of look book soon (if I can work up the courage). 

Again in Sainsbury's I got this Deep Barrel Waver by Phil Smith, a brand specific to Sainsbury's. I got this for £17.99 in the sale down from £49.99! What a saving! I have tried it out a few times and it does take a little getting used to and the main problem I have found is trying to get the hair in between the two plates. But I love the look it gives, not quite curls, not quite a complete mess on my head! I will put up a more detailed review later in the month. 

What have you grabbed in the sales? 


P.S. I have got some New Look sales items coming soon as well so look out for that post!