Friday, 20 December 2013

Blogmas Day 9: Wrapping like Eminem

Rapping AND wrapping can both be difficult around this time of year (who can drop a beat about Christmas and still sound cool!) but at least one of them can be solved with a few tips and pictures (I'll tell you now it won't be the first one!).

I have always had problems wrapping presents. I'm sure this makes you worry now as to how I could even help then! But fear not, between my mother giving me lots of tips as well as lots of trial and error on a range of different shape presents!

I have put together a few pictures to show you how to get the basic wrapping of presents complete ready for the big day!

First of all make sure you have taken any price tags or labels off that you don't want them to see. Do it now!! No serious do it! It is the worse thing to wrap and present to have to re-wrap it because you had to open it to take the price off!

Next make sure you have the right tools! Sellotape, wrapping paper, scissors maybe even some ribbon for wrapping around. I got this ever so festive wrapping paper at Poundland and it is extra wide as well!

Right here comes the actually start of wrapping. Don't be scared now, just unroll a bit of the paper and lay the present on top. Roll the present and paper over and over until the edge of the paper touches the paper again. This means that it will cover all of the present, make sure you have got enough at either end as well. The best way to do this is to lift one half up, if it covers at least half of the side of the present you are good to go! Mark or make a small snip of the paper to mark how far to cut (I always cut a little bit extra to ensure there is enough for some overlap).

Next fold the paper along your cut/mark. Line up the edge of the bit to be cut off with the rest of the roll and this will ensure that you have a straight line. Flatten the fold and then cut along it.

Place the present in the middle of the paper and pull two of the sides up to over lap slightly and stick it down with some sticky tape.

The top is overlaying the fold from the bottom before being stuck down

Then come the ends, for most presents you will be able to do this trick. Fold the two vertical sides in until they touch the present, then bring the top horizontal side down to cover the present, finally bring the bottom horizontal side up tucking all of the other sides underneath it. Now stick it down quick with the tape before it all becomes undone!

Can you see how the final fold hides all the other folds and edges?

For bottles I tend to rap them as a tube using the same measuring techniques before closing in the bottom. Then the top should be gathered together at the top to cover any remaining present.

It is handy if you have your sticky tape in a holder, especially if you have a lot of presents to wrap.

Make sure you label which presents are which with name tags so that you don't forget and get them muddled up. You don't want your girlfriend to get your mums present do you?

Hope this has helped those of you out there who are always a paper and sticky tape mess on Christmas eve!

Have you got any tips that you have picked up for wrapping presents at this busy time of year?