Monday, 23 December 2013

Blogmas Day 12: Have you got everything?

So the big day is just around the corner! But the big question is whether you have everything?

Don't worry I'm going to cover the main areas that you hopefully have sorted, if not get your skates on and down to the shops.

To start with, the presents, of course Christmas is better when you give presents and see the smiles on people faces. So have you got all the main people in your life? Best friends, other halves, parents and siblings? If you have well done give yourself a pat on the back. If not DO NOT FREAK OUT!! It will be ok! You have a number of ways to fix this.

1. You could buy them a gift voucher, either for a shop they like or for somewhere online where you can email/ print the voucher out (perfect for last minute gifts)

2. You could order something online to their house as a gift and just apologise to them and let them know something is coming extra special for them

3. You could run out and try and buy them something which you think they will like and wrap it quickly!

Obviously these three depend on how soon you are going to see these people. Parents and siblings I would either go with a quick present or a voucher as you are likely to see them on the Big Day. If like best friends you might not see them for a week or so you could order something online or even wait until all the big sales have begun on the high street.

Once you've got all your presents have you wrapped them all? Make sure you put labels on them so you don't forget which one is for which person, see my post on Wrapping like Eminem.

Next up have you worked out what you are going to wear on the big day? To be honest I am going to be wearing leggings and a top as we won't have any visitors to the house. But for those of you who are more likely to see the outside world on the big day maybe you should start thinking now. Plus your hair and makeup! If you are stuck for some easy to do Chistmas hair styles why not check out  my post on Christmas Party Hair.

Finally have you got everything sorted for you Christmas dinner? If your not the one doing the main cooking why not lending them a hand by getting them a drink, offering to help lay the table or helping in the kitchen if you are brave enough! If you are cooking have you got all the main things ready? Shopping over the last few days in the lead up to Christmas can be very busy and hectic (believe me I work in retail!). If you are cooking for a large number of people why not use frozen veg? It has all the goodness frozen into it and it is all prepped ready for you to pop in the oven or steamer!

I hope you all have a great Christmas which is as stress free as possible! Enjoy your family and friends and be merry!