Sunday, 22 December 2013

Blogmas Day 11: Christmas Traditions

We all have them don't we? Those Christmas traditions that we like to do every year (or do because its become tradition?!) well today I'm going to tell you some of the little quirky traditions my family and I do.

To start with since meeting my other half at University I have always travelled to share a mini-pre-christmas with him. So this weekend (and I mean a few days before Christmas) I am going to his to have our Christmas. I am super excited as these are the only Christmas presents I let myself open before the big day! This weekend we are also going to see the new Hobbit film which I am excited about, I am actually reading the book but am still on the bit which is included in the first film.

Secondly, this probably isn't that uncommon but I always wake up early on Christmas day. When I was younger I was even told to go back to bed as 'Santa' hadn't been yet (really my parents wanted a few hours more kip before I made them play with me FYI I'm an only child). But in more recent years as I have learned to love sleep I have still woken up early but have often dozed back off or snuggled on the couch to watch early morning TV.

As a standard we have our Christmas dinner around lunchtime so really it is more of a Christmas lunch. This leads to the next tradition which in my family involves food again! But this time in snack form in the evening of Christmas day after we have had loads at lunch we don't always want another meal but we get some biscuits and cheese and have a small snack, always my favourite because we do it in front of the TV!

As I'm working Boxing day this year this will be left to the evening as well but that is what tends to happen anyway so I'm thankfully not missing out! But the snacks we had on Christmas day evening we tend to have some more of on Boxing day evening as well. Snuggled in front of the fire possibly with some chestnuts roasting (yeah we're that cool that we roast chestnuts on an open fire!).

Do you and your family have any Christmas traditions that are a bit different from the norm?
 Sorry there hasn't been any photos in this one as none of it has actually happened yet!