Saturday, 21 December 2013

Blogmas Day 10: Christmas Party Hair

As the party season is well and truly upon us I thought I would share a few easy hair styles that you could rock to a party or even on the big day itself!

Of course the hair style for longer locks at the moment is the side plait famously modelled by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games this year. I love to play with a side plait as well by adding in smaller plaits which adds something different to it. For my hair especially I like to start the plait on the opposite side of the head to which it will end, that way I reduce how many little ends decide to stick out at the back (which becomes very annoying).

The next style I like to have in my repertoire is a high pony. Not a pulled-back-so-tight-you-have-a-free-face-lift-pony but a high but loose pony. I do this by putting my head upside down and making a pony, then pulling a few strands loose either side of my head. This would be great from an office to party look.

Finally a classic hairstyle the probably most women can pull of as long as it is done to suit their hairstyle. Long hair can pull off the mermaid/beach waves while shorter should length looks will look great with bigger curls in a bob. But I'm sure you don't need me to show you what that looks like! Any curling tong will work wonders and a neat tip is to hold the curl in the palm of your hand while it cools off of the tong before putting hairspray on it. You could even pin it in its curl shape while you do the rest of your hair and give your whole head a final spray with extra hold hairspray! 

Have you got any easy but amazing hairstyles that you love to use?