Thursday, 12 December 2013

Blogmas: Day 1 putting up the trimmings

I'm so sorry I haven't blogged for a while, with a job in retail it all gets a bit hectic at this time of year and the amount of overtime I have been doing has resulted in me being too tired to blog or do anything exciting!

But it is the 12th December and I am about to start my first ever Blogmas! I hope you enjoy it and I will try to keep up with it!

So my family and I put up our Christmas tree yesterday when I had the day off work. It usually ends in just my mum ad me doing it, which is what happened again this year! Any odd traditions that your family have? 

But today I put up my new and rather smaller tree in my room. Last year I was bought a little silver tree for Christmas by one of my best friends. She got it from paper chase (Similar Christmas tree and Baubles). 

So I figured today would be a great day to put it up. I set it on my little cabinet in my room and put the little glass baubles she had bought me as well. 

The bulbles were so cute and there were 25 in the box, so I could have done it as an advent tree as well. Although I never keep up with my chocolate advent calendar so I doubt that would work! 

I even added so fairy lights around the bottom to brighten things up at night, battery powered ones that I bought cheap last year from Tesco. 

I know lots of people have got their trees up already but if you haven't and are looking for some lovely decorations for around the house here are a few I've found.

This super cute Bird Wreath and Gold resin bird are both from Sainsbury's Christmas decoration range and would both look lovely in any home.

The lovely Heart Bunting that could be left up after Christmas even is from Next as well as the Christmas tea light holder.

And finally I think one of the best places to go for Christmas decorations is Ikea where you can buy big packs with lots of different decorations for the tree.  Online I found these packs of 50 different baubles as well as a huge 36 piece hanging decoration set. With lots of different colours and sets there will most likely be something for everyone

I hope you have enjoyed day one of Blogmas and come back for tomorrows Blogmas all about festive nails!