Sunday, 17 November 2013

Winter wants

Winter has most definitely arrived in the UK. I don't know how the rest of the world is coping but having to scrap the ice off of my car windscreen in the morning has already started!

Therefore as it is winter there are lots of new clothes and home furnishings out that I am loving! Here are my winter wants, so snuggle up with a hot drink and have a read.

To start with the tartan print is everywhere at the moment. I keep seeing so many people with tartan scarfs on as well, now I was a bit sceptical about this trend. I don't actually feel I could pull this trend off greatly, however all that changed today when I ordered a tartan dress from New Look. I have decided to throw out any worries and just go for it! I mean all these other people rock the look!

Image from New Look

Next on my list of lovely winter wants is practically all of the Lush shop! They have their Christmas lovelies out now and I have been in twice since they arrived (sadly buying for others). So I have sniffed and cooed over all of their lovely bath bombs and gift boxes etc. Although I clearly don't take enough baths given the fact I have a gift box STILL WRAPPED from last year! Bad news I know! 
This is the Candy Mountain (image from Lush). I bought one of these for a friend for Christmas and it smelt amazing! I may actually go back for one for myself! It was so hard not to buy more and more each time! Especially when the staff were so friendly and kept introducing me to new things!

Next up is more fashion as I would rather love some great Chelsea boots! However I'm not really a heel wearer and will more likely than not be found in my converse trainers or some other type of flat shoe. They look so great and I'm sure must go with everything! These great ones from New Look are perfect however I think I may have to work my way up to heels like this for everyday footwear!
Image from New Look

And last but not least I would love to have a weekend just snuggled up by a wood fire with all the Christmas decorations dotted around. It just seems like such a lovely idea especially as the cold sets in and maybe even some snow according to the weather forecast! 

Image from The Guardian

Do you have anything that you are wanting this winter? Are you looking forward to the longer, colder nights (if your heading into winter that is)?