Friday, 8 November 2013

Top 5: Lip products everyone should own

Now that it has hit winter in the UK (it has become cold, dark and wet here therefore it is winter), it is even more important to have some key lip products in rotation! The colder it gets the more chapped my lips become ( a common problem I'm sure). Here are my top 5 products for keeping lips looking luscious this winter.

1. Lip exfoliator
   This may sound obvious but having soft lips starts with an exfoliator. Like your body your lips need to get rid of the dead skin too! Plus if you don't exfoliate then your other lip products just won't sit right! There are lots out there but two that take my fancy are the E.L.F Lip exfoliator (which I bought today to try) is in a handy tube which you can pop in your handbag and the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub which is an amazing bright pink (must purchase that one soon).

2. Lip balm
   Again a very simple solution but it will make the world of difference. Lip balms are especially good for those days when you aren't getting too dressed up or its just to windy to handle having your hair stick to your lipgloss! Super easy to pop in your handbag and use throughout the day that your lips with thank you through being super soft ready for those lipstick moments! I particularly enjoy ChapSticks in Cherry flavour (I mean if its good enough for Katy Perry…) as well as the classic Vaseline (I don't know anyone who doesn't carry at least one of these with them in the winter time).

3. Lipstick
    This is one I have started to wear more often these days, I think I have found my easy day to day colours. I think everyone should own a colour that when they buy it is out of their comfort zone! This may sound silly and you're probably saying "that's stupid, I'll never wear it then", but trust me, wear it those few times, around the house to start with if you want but eventually you will feel more confident! I never thought a coral lipstick would look good on me! I had seen lots of others pulling it off fabulously but after a few wears it is now one of my more favourite colours I own! In fact that lipstick is Rimmel Coral in Gold!

4. Lip Gloss
  Now lip gloss is very good for popping in your handbag when you are out at your Christmas parties this year by adding that extra bit of glamour to your outfit! I say this but I am not a big lipgloss fan, mainly because as anyone with long hair will know that hair + lipgloss + wind = a completely sticky mess! If you have shorter hair or are having an undo for your party then go ahead! Even layer a gloss over a lipstick to give that lovely sheen, however you have been warned that the classic English winter weather and lipgloss are not combined well!

5. Lip crayon 
   I have recently come to love lip crayons! It is like colouring in but for your makeup, theres no fiddling and there is much less chance of messing it up (unless you have never really been any good at staying in the lines!). Again I have begun this by loving a coral coloured lip crayon from E.L.F again, Studio Matte Lip Colour in Coral, this was so easy to use and it meant that I could decide how much colour I wanted on my lips so easily!

So now you are prepared to face the cold British weather and come out the other side with lips so fabulous they will be able to hold up any summer bright easily!

What lip products do you swear by to get you through the colder months?


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