Thursday, 7 November 2013

Top 5: Bloggers you should be following

I love writing my blog. But I love reading blogs even more! Finding out about loads of even more new products, places to eat and things to do! That's why I have compiled a list of 5 bloggers I think you should be reading and following!

 To start with is the lovely little lady who actually inspired me to start my blog! Zoella! She is awesome (getting slightly fangirl right now!) but she writes/films/photographs just like she is talking to you. She talks about everything! From shopping to hair/ makeup and even some personal issues. She is so down to Earth even after recently winning a Radio 1 Teen award! I love watching her videos on her Youtube channel . Definitely check her out!

 Another great blogger/ Youtuber is Louise AKA Sprinkle of Glitter. She focuses on everything, beauty, life and her super cute toddler (Baby Glitter). She also does great posts giving advice, her knowledge and motivation for those off days we all have! Not only that but her and Zoella are besties so you often see them together in posts/videos!

 Another great blogger that I love to keep up with. She focuses a bit more on fashion and putting outfits together! But being a lecturer in fashion you can be sure she knows her stuff! She does shorter but still just as sweet posts with lots of lovely pictures to look at as well!

 This lovely lady covers such a range of topics from travelling to some amazing food! Seriously if you like travel, food or just reading about beautiful places to get some inspiration check this lady out! To be perfectly honest I am slightly jealous of how much she travels and the amazing places she has been! Plus she has a super cute dog called Custard!

  As can be deducted from the name of the blog this blogger focuses on the cheaper side of makeup and clothes but with no loss to quality! She does lots of makeup styles, reviews as well as an uplifting Hump Day Haha! She has also taken on the world of Youtube and you can watch both her normal channel as well as her vlogging channel where she shows the different things her family are getting up to. Very light hearted and always fun to read/ watch!

If there are any others you think I should be reading/ watching let me know in the comments below!