Thursday, 5 September 2013

Visiting Cardiff (Oh and the boyfriend)

So this week I popped over to Cardiff to visit my boyfriend (we met at Uni in Wales).

While I was there he had to work for a few hours (boo) but he lives so close to central Cardiff nowadays that I could easily pop in for some shopping (yay)!

I was hoping to find some nice new items (and to get my shopping fix) as well as having a look at some items I wanted to drool over due to their high prices! Unfortunately I was unable to find any nice items for my wardrobe (although I did get some trousers ready for my trip to Sri Lanka).

As for the items I went to drool over I am still no more clearer about the possibility of saving for them (or which to buy!). The first is a DSLR, now this is a bit of a strange one for me as I often forget my compact camera at the best of times and end up taking most of my pics on my iphone. So I think this is definately a wish product rather than anything else. The camera I have been drooling over is the Canon EOS 1100D, it looks lovely and when I got to have a play in the store it handled really well taking some nice shots. The second was a Macbook which I investigated further as I am a student I can get some discount on it! So after talking to one of the sales people I was even more confused as to buy one or not (the boyfriend reckons I should).

Once he had returned from work we headed out for a lovely date night (it had been a while since we had seen each other). We went straight to our favourite restaurant, T.G.I. Friday's! We both love this place for the great food and service. We got some great service from our server this time as well who was lovely and had a few jokes with us. We then went to the cinema to see the new film Elysium starring Matt Damon as the leading man. Its all about Earth many years in the future in which a special space craft (Elysium) holds all the wealthy folk and gives them top notch health care etc. The plot of the film (without giving too much away) is that Matt Damon's character is trying to get to Elysium (like many other people on Earth). I really liked the film and so did the boyfriend, it has a great ending and it is one I can suggest to you!

The next day we headed down to Cardiff Bay and went to Techniquest. This is an awesome indoor science learning centre, although it's aimed mainly at children for big kids like us it was just as fun. Although we made our way round the various experiments quicker than a child would we still had a good laugh! We had a snack there and then went to one of their extra shows you can pay about £1.20 more to see. We went to the planetarium show which explained how the gas planets protect us! It was great and set up as though you were actually looking up at the night sky!

I had a great couple of days in Cardiff but unfortunately I had to return to Bristol for work that weekend. But I'll be back soon Cardiff! See ya on the flip side!