Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The first signs of autumn

So recently I had to pop into town to have my last vaccination for my trip to Sri Lanka (you can read about the whole project here and keep up to date about our adventure).

As I was in town anyway I figured it would be a great time to pop in and have a look at all the lovely new A/W clothes! Well I was not disappointed lets say that! I didn't really go into a lot of shops so I can't comment on the general clothing lines around town. But I did go into Primark which of lately has become quite nice with some lovely fashions. I did a bit of browsing (ok I went round every level practically twice) and picked up an armful of things to try on! Unfortunately only two things made it out (a sports bra and a hair band, not a great lot). I just didn't find their sheer blouses to be that flattering and a lovely lilac jumper just didn't have the right neck line. Sad as I quite liked the colour of the jumper! But Primark have started to stock their Christmas jumpers, is it a little bit too early for this, I mean we aren't even out of September yet!

So instead I went to the home wears and  found a lovely little reed diffuser for only £1! Well that was coming home with me. Then I had to pick up some socks as I go through them super fast but at least they had some packs which had really quite cool patterns on! 

Next it was off to Boots and by this point it had started to rain in Bristol so I was happy to get inside. Now I'd been after a lovely coral lipstick ever since I bought my matte lip pencil from E.L.F (see my post about it here). So I headed straight for the beauty section and stayed for ages! I found loads of different ones and did a little test on the back of my hand ( even now a day later and many washes down I can still see some of the lines, goodness knows they have lasting power!).

I finally found one from Rimmel and it was a just the right amount of coral for me with a added bit of shimmer! As it was buy 1 get one half price I couldn't pass up on that deal so grabbed a lovely nail varnish also by Rimmel in a great shade of grey! Can't wait to try this one out! I also picked up the usual cotton wool pads as I was running out.

One little tip for all you lovely little shoppers wherever you may be. Whenever you go into Boots always find their little card machines where you can print of some personalised vouchers for you to use that day (I often get 10% off shampoos that sort of thing). Yesterday I got extra Boots points if I spent over £20 well even though everything I bought was on a deal it just made it over the £20 mark and I got my extra points! So it's always worth a look.

Although I looked in a few other shops I didn't buy anything so as the rain was still ongoing I decided to plod home before it got too bad. But as I walked home it did get heavier so I stopped off in Co-op on the way to pick up a magazine. Glamour was only £1 so as the little bargain it was that came home with me (even the guy who served me said how cheap it was!).

By the time I had walked all the way home (with a few odd stares from drivers) I realised I looked like this: 

And I was soaked from head to toe! So I popped to the gym before jumping in a lovely hot shower to warm up from what is now settling in to be the autumn weather! 

Lets just hope there is a little bit of autumn sun soon!