Sunday, 18 August 2013

Up, Up and Away...

So a few weekends ago in Bristol a huge festival happened that spanned four days. It's called the Bristol Balloon Fiesta and takes place in Ashton Court with hundreds of balloons and thousands of visitors over the weekend.

I love the fiesta and I always try and go up to see everything going on with my Dad. We cycle up from our house and have a look at all the stalls.

This year amongst the chaos there were numerous food outlets (you would never go hungry here!) but there are also lots of other stalls selling stuff as well as a craft tent. We even got some freebies in the form of children's chocolate sponges.

The balloons however are the main attraction and boy do they put on a show! Thursday evening kicks off with a flight over Bristol which we watched from our local park, this one had all the shaped balloons in! My favorite balloon by far was the minion shaped one from Despicable Me (yes it is a kids film, yes I love it!).

On the Friday (the day we went up) the red arrows were flying over. For those who don't know the red arrows are an amazing stunt team made up of RAF pilots. Their skills are amazing and it is wonderful to watch them perform. They release red, white and blue smoke from the ends of their planes to make it even more spectacular! 

 If you are ever in Bristol when this is on I would definitely recommend you visit plus it's not that far from town either perfect for a little post fiesta shopping.