Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Oh My Nail Varnish!

What’s the most boring part of a beauty regime??

I bet most, if not all, of you said taking off your nail varnish! Something about this task is so tedious and lengthy not to say it can get a bit messy as well!

Now some of you might be saying yes but there’s this fab new product from Bourjois called the Magic Nail Polish remover. I have seen this product (not had a chance to try it) but I was a little skeptical to say the least. I mean when has nail varnish ever been removed in only a few seconds!

I had read lots of reviews, umm’d and ahh’d about getting it even stood there in the beauty aisle as well. But the one thing that put me off was the price. It’s not a lot for a beauty product really, but given that it is taking away a beauty product and I could buy a bottle of remover much cheaper I always put the bottle back on the shelve.

That was until I wandered into Poundland today to have a quick look at their beauty products (I had heard good things about various makes they sell), with no intention to buy anything in particular. But then I stumbled upon this cute little bright pink pot! On closer look I noticed that it was a nail polish remover and straight away headed for the tills!

At only a pound I didn’t expect much from this, but even if it only got the majority of the nail polish off that would reduce the time I spend on this process!

As I happened to have some nail varnish on that had become chipped so it was the best time to try it out. I dipped in the first finger and left it there for a few seconds before twisting and pulling out. The results were amazing!! In seconds the varnish was removed!

I think this pot is my new amazing beauty product; it saves so much time and mess. I am heading back to Poundland to get a few more of these super cute little pots. Plus it’s small enough to pop in your handbag or even in your suitcase ready for your holiday. You can pick some up here


P.S I actually went back and bought two more of these super duper pots!