Monday, 26 August 2013

A lovely Little E.L.F haul

I'm sure by now most of you have heard of E.L.F (eyes,lips,face). However I have only recently come across it after watching Youtube videos and reading blogs.

Well to start with I thought it was going to be a high end product with the price tag to match! How very wrong I was! Amazing products with great prices to match, when I say great prices I mean it! As it is an online shop you might be a little apprehensive about buying but with most prices below £10 a product (even below £5 for some) it's nothing to worry about if your not so much of a fan!

I decided to take advantage of their recent 50% off sale, this was across the whole site which was incredible.

It came well packaged to make sure that nothing got damaged on its way to me! They even put in a dust bag to keep all your lovely products in so that they can be kept in perfect condition. 

The first product I got was the Therapeutic Conditioning Balm, I got mine in Blackberry Creme. I was a little apprehensive about the colour as on the site it appears quite purple (not a lip colour I would pull off). However once I tried it out it just came out as a nice clear balm, it had a little shine to it but not enough to say it was glossy. It definitely felt like it was helping to soften my lips after a few days of wearing it so that was a plus as it was only £1.50 full price.


 The next lip product I got was the Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Raspberry. I absolutely love this product! I will be buying more of these and may even give some out as Christmas presents that's how much I love it! When I opened it up I started twisting the bottom to get the product out through the sponge top, this took a while and I did wonder at one point if it was ever going to appear. Finally it did and when I put it on it gave a great cover as well as a slight gloss. It was not sticky (always a bonus!) and although it had a scent to it nothing too strong, although it didn't smell of raspberries but I couldn't put my finger on it.

 The final lip product I bought was this Matte Lip Colour in coral. I have seen Zoella wearing coral lips loads in her videos and posts so I thought I would give it a go as it always looks so good! However I don't feel that this lived up to standard, I don't know if I put it on wrong (I had some of the balm on underneath slightly) but it just didn't give me a great colour and although it was soft and easy to apply I don't know if I would buy this one again. It's a shame really as I thought this would be a great product to get my coral fix.

 Next up was powders, I bought two, this first being the Clarifying Pressed Powder in Rosy Beige. This was nice for a pressed powder and did give a good coverage without looking like I had caked it on. It came with a little puff which after trying a powder brush I decided to use as it doesn't seem to work well with a brush.

The Second powder was the High Definition Powder in Shimmer, this was a loose powder and gave a great sheer coverage. However this lived up to its name of Shimmer as once I had put it on there was an obvious amount of glitter/shimmer particles on my face. I like this and it works well with the Powder Brush I also bought which was super soft and worked well in giving coverage.

 Next was blusher as my current one from Boots is starting to run out, I had heard some great things about E.L.F blushers. I decided on the Blush in Tickled Pink. I was a little disappointed with this as it didn't give a great color to my cheeks, I think next time I will go for their more pigmented version HD Blush after some great reviews.

 I also picked up this handy little Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter, I've found this product to be great, especially the highlighter end. This is gives great coverage and also highlights great, which is always useful for under eyebrows. This is a product that I would be happy to buy again, although for the summer months I might buy a shade darker as the concealer was a little lighter than I thought for my skin tone.

The next couple of items are ones that I haven't actually opened yet so I won't be able to give any reviews of the products yet but I hope for great things. I bought the Waterproof Eyeliner Pen in Ash as I have a eyeliner pen from another brand which I love and wear every day! Next I got the Waterproof Lengthen & Volumise Mascara again high hopes for it as I could do with a good waterproof mascara. 

I also bought the Matte Eyeshadow in Charcoal, I have only used this once but it is definitely pigmented as I only used a little amount and I nearly covered my eyelid! This is great and although the pot is little this is not a problem due to the small amount needed.  

My final and favorite product of the bunch! This is a Matte Finisher Nail Polish, I had heard great things about other brands and was looking forward to trying this as a much cheaper version to others out there. WOW it is great, I put it over a burgundy colour on my fingers and I liked it from the first nail. There were also a few others that I would love to have gotten and kind of wish I had!    

Overall I love all the products I got from E.L.F and would more than likely go back and buy another load of their great products!


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Up, Up and Away...

So a few weekends ago in Bristol a huge festival happened that spanned four days. It's called the Bristol Balloon Fiesta and takes place in Ashton Court with hundreds of balloons and thousands of visitors over the weekend.

I love the fiesta and I always try and go up to see everything going on with my Dad. We cycle up from our house and have a look at all the stalls.

This year amongst the chaos there were numerous food outlets (you would never go hungry here!) but there are also lots of other stalls selling stuff as well as a craft tent. We even got some freebies in the form of children's chocolate sponges.

The balloons however are the main attraction and boy do they put on a show! Thursday evening kicks off with a flight over Bristol which we watched from our local park, this one had all the shaped balloons in! My favorite balloon by far was the minion shaped one from Despicable Me (yes it is a kids film, yes I love it!).

On the Friday (the day we went up) the red arrows were flying over. For those who don't know the red arrows are an amazing stunt team made up of RAF pilots. Their skills are amazing and it is wonderful to watch them perform. They release red, white and blue smoke from the ends of their planes to make it even more spectacular! 

 If you are ever in Bristol when this is on I would definitely recommend you visit plus it's not that far from town either perfect for a little post fiesta shopping.


Friday, 16 August 2013

Feeling like a VIP

A few weeks ago I entered a competition on Facebook that was set up by St David's Shopping Centre in Wales. It was a special competition for entry to that evenings Yves Saint Laurent event. Having never been to such an event I was very excited!

They had a special promotional night with their very own make up artist Fred Letailleur! They were promoting their new Babydoll Mascara, but surprisingly they weren’t pushing the event as much as I thought they would! But you can buy the mascara here

As this was a makeup event they needed a model to do the makeup on, and to my surprise I was chosen! Now I don’t know whether to take this as a compliment that I must look like I could pull off their makeup fabulously or to be slightly offended! Haha well I had been in a rush, so ran out the house after only managing to get some mascara on! I’m sure it was the first reason!

Fred (yeah we are on first name terms) did everything from the base upwards. He used this super amazing product called Forever Youth Liberator Serum, Lotion and Cream. Three separate products which magically moisturise your face until it is super soft and plump (I couldn’t stop stroking my own face!)

He then went through the various layers, foundation and then onto eye makeup. He went for a Twiggy/ 60s inspired eye makeup. It was amazing to have the chance to have a professional do my makeup for me (having never had it done before).

   (Sorry about the poor quality, I only had my iphone!)

The results were amazing and although it was a little different from what I normally wear it was a great look and I think I will definitely try and incorporate this look this summer.

The products were all amazing however I could not justify spending quite so much on the products (student budget and all). Although I think I will save up and treat myself one day. More than likely to their amazing Touche Éclat, this is an amazing concealer/ highlighter, it really works and is their best selling product and is the UKs number 1 best selling make up product! What a title to have!
 So even though I didn’t walk away with any of their amazing products I had a great time and really enjoyed myself. I even got a yummy cupcake :)


Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Oh My Nail Varnish!

What’s the most boring part of a beauty regime??

I bet most, if not all, of you said taking off your nail varnish! Something about this task is so tedious and lengthy not to say it can get a bit messy as well!

Now some of you might be saying yes but there’s this fab new product from Bourjois called the Magic Nail Polish remover. I have seen this product (not had a chance to try it) but I was a little skeptical to say the least. I mean when has nail varnish ever been removed in only a few seconds!

I had read lots of reviews, umm’d and ahh’d about getting it even stood there in the beauty aisle as well. But the one thing that put me off was the price. It’s not a lot for a beauty product really, but given that it is taking away a beauty product and I could buy a bottle of remover much cheaper I always put the bottle back on the shelve.

That was until I wandered into Poundland today to have a quick look at their beauty products (I had heard good things about various makes they sell), with no intention to buy anything in particular. But then I stumbled upon this cute little bright pink pot! On closer look I noticed that it was a nail polish remover and straight away headed for the tills!

At only a pound I didn’t expect much from this, but even if it only got the majority of the nail polish off that would reduce the time I spend on this process!

As I happened to have some nail varnish on that had become chipped so it was the best time to try it out. I dipped in the first finger and left it there for a few seconds before twisting and pulling out. The results were amazing!! In seconds the varnish was removed!

I think this pot is my new amazing beauty product; it saves so much time and mess. I am heading back to Poundland to get a few more of these super cute little pots. Plus it’s small enough to pop in your handbag or even in your suitcase ready for your holiday. You can pick some up here


P.S I actually went back and bought two more of these super duper pots!